Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED) together with the implementing partner for the region of Pec, Syri i Vizionit (SIV), are implementing the project "Meeting EU good governance requirements necessary for Kosovo's further European integration". This project is supported and funded by the European Commission, European Union Office in Kosovo.

The purpose of this project is to monitor six relevant areas in the field of rule of law in Kosovo:

  1. Democracy, functioning of institutions and the rule of law;
  2. Preventing and combating organized crime and corruption with a focus on public order and safety;
  3. Border/Boundary Management in relation to organized crime including irregular migration and trafficking in human beings;
  4. Law Enforcement Cooperation;
  5. The Judicial System (Judicial system cooperation in criminal matters focusing on organized crime cases) and
  6. Combating Money Laundering.

Besides monitoring, KIPRED and SIV will also engage in developing recommendations to the relevant national and international stakeholders in improving the situation in the above mentioned areas, as well as the publication of the barometer in Kosovo for measuring the rule of law.

The objective of the project is to contribute to democracy, human rights and rule of law and support the EU integration process through active participation of civil society in the decision and policy making process at all levels of governance.

Concretely, the Project Specific objectives are:

  • Analyse and evaluate the delivery of the central and local government and judicial sector through drafting of factual monitoring reports on the fulfilment of EU requirements in the fight against corruption and organised crime;
  • Monitor, share knowledge and shape informed public debate by publishing the set of indicators in the ‘Kosovo-EU Barometer on Rule of Law’ on delivery of EU requirements;
  • Increase public awareness and pressure by utilising public debates and media in advocating for accountability of the government in delivering on the EU requirements in the fight against corruption and organised crime;
  • Increase the capacities and knowledge of the target groups to deliver on the EU requirements on anti-corruption and fight against organised crime;
  • Enhance the capacities of Kosovo government sector in delivering on their commitments through participation in policy and legal drafting groups in compliance to the EU Acquis;
  • Empower the role of civil society to advocate to local and international stakeholders on increasing the accountability and delivery of the Government of Kosovo (GoK) on their EU commitments;